The Solution Is The Problem Album cover

Its been 2 years since we released [THE SOLUTION IS THE PROBLEM] on vinyl.

To celebrate its birthday we have decided to put the price UP! Yes, we have doubled the price of the vinyl to £30! YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT £30!

But if you choose to enter the code “wearefools” when you purchase you will get a smashing 80% off! YES 80% OFF!

Do you want our vinyl album for only £6? Now is the time!*

*Actually now is the time because this offer will only last until midnight on Monday 2nd April 2018!


Our French Friends

Just in case you were in need of some new tunes for your listening pleasure…we would like to recommend our friends Diligents. We could say that maybe Rauf had somthing to do with mixing their EP but he doesn’t like to boast… Continue Reading

Cool Limited Edition Double Album Package

Cool Limited Edition Double Album Package

We’ve sold out of our first album [THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE] CDs! Yay! We’ve also been listening to you! So, to commemorate our 6 month anniversary of our second album [THE SOLUTION IS THE PROBLEM] vinyl release, we have had a whole bunch of brand new CD’s printed. However, these are no ordinary CDs…they are… Continue Reading